Alotau Festival

Alotau Festival

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Alotau - Canoe and Kundu Festival

As previously stated, there were many aspects of this cruise being an "inaugural" one. One thing is for sure, it was the inaugural visit by any large cruiseship to this Festival - and I think the visit was a great success. We enjoyed the Festival so much - that I wouldn't mind flying up to Alotau one year to visit the Festival again, only this time, for the full duration of it. Our visit was actually on a Monday - and this time the Festival was extended by one day to cater for the visit by the cruiseship. It was certainly a very busy day with a lot going on -- but I wonder what it would be like to stay in an hotel in Alotau for the duration and see what happens each day. I wouldn't be surprised if the participants weren't even more energetic on the first day of the Festival -and it would be interesting to see the Festival Village being erected.

It was quite hot - being November -- so we bought a golf umbrella to shade us. They seemed to be selling like hot cakes!!

I don't know if I would care too much for Alotau when the festival is not on - it is not a particularly scenic town and we noted very heavy security at the entrances to all stores in the main street. I am not aware of what the problem is there - if any - for such security measures. Was it because of our presence??

Some nice pics of the the Festival HERE  - and my own photos bundled into a video HERE.

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