Alotau Festival

Alotau Festival

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Doini Island

First view from the Jetty
Doini Island is a small privately owned island south of Milne Bay. See here  - Google Map  It has been developed as a small resort. Although small, it is very scenic and really needs more than the one day we had to get around it all. The resort website is here  and a Google search on Doini Island reveals a wealth of info about the island.

We took a general walk around, had a swim and enjoyed a sausage sizzle on the beach with a few New Guinea beers. I understand that up to 100 people live on the island. The resort takes both AUD and KINA - however I recommend that you bring some KINA with you.

I have created a short Youtube video of some photos that we took while HERE.

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